Kenny Gruchalla  
Kenny Gruchalla
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Senior Scientist, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Assistant Professor, Adjunct, University of Colorado at Boulder


I'm primarily interested in developing interactive scientific visualization techniques that provide tools for finding meaning in increasingly large and complex data. My research interests include: scientific visualization, immersive visualization, high-performance computing, GPU computing, topology-based feature extraction, human-computer interaction, and physics-based modeling.
Curriculum Vitae
(pdf updated 011/17/16)

Affiliations (current & past):
  National Renewable Energy LaboratoryUniversity of Colorado at BoulderNational Center for Atmospheric ResearchRed Canyon Software


10/30/11 --  I updated and completely redesigned my research page
07/12/11 --  My turbine visualization work was recognized with a 2011 OASCR People's Choice Award
07/14/10 --  My biomass visualization work was recongized with a 2010 OASCR Outstanding Achievement in Scientific Visualization Award

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